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Fireplace & Stove Service

Fireplace Service and Maintenance in Denver

For servicing and cleaning of gas and wood-burning fireplaces, we follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines for maintenance. The NFPA states that all fireplaces, gas and wood-burning should be inspected and serviced annually as needed. For wood-burning fireplaces, this means that while you may not burn enough wood to necessitate an annual cleaning, at the minimum, it should be inspected by a certified professional to ensure the chimney and fireplace are in safe working order. Annual inspection and maintenance can extend the life of your burning unit. For gas fireplaces, this generally means that they require annual service, even if you hardly use your fireplace. Gas fireplaces have electronic and moving parts and should be serviced and inspected annually to ensure safe and optimum performance. All of the manufacturers of gas and wood-burning fireplaces follow the NFPA guidelines as well requiring annual inspection/service.

Why do fireplace & and chimney maintenance

Maintenance helps to reduce risk of chimney fires, extend the life of your gas burning units, and make your fireplace perform like it was brand new every time you want to enjoy its warmth. Have confidence that your burning unit will perform every time you need it by providing the service it requires.

Contact a service professional

If you're having a problem with your fireplace or stove, or if your burning appliance is due for it's annual check-up, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our technicians located in south Denver are factory trained and will come to your home and inspect & service your fireplace(s) to ensure it is running safely and optimally. As factory trained and Certified Chimney Professionals, we can also install replacement parts as needed.

Call (303) 953-9844 to schedule an appointment to get your gas or wood burning fireplace serviced!

For more specialty service needs, find additional details below: